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Generate CSV file with Array values using Powershell

One of the best and easiest ways to put data into an easy-to-read format is with a CSV (comma-separated values ) file. The CSV file will have a line of headers to indicate column name and subsequent values for each column. The structured data is required for positioning in the CSV file, to achieve the Powershell has few option for structured data. Since a CSV file is just like a text file, it can loosely be created with Powershell’s Add-Content cmdlet. Here i had explained how to write in to the CSV file with help of simple Add-Content cmdle.

We can use both Add-Content OR Export-Csv to create and write the CSV files, the best way is use Export-Csv (if we created a structured data/object)else we can use Add-Content cmdlet . The Add-Content does not negatively understand a CSV file, it would still be able to read one.



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