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.fadeOut() Effect in Jquery


The fadeOut( ) method fades out all selected/matched elements by applying the opacity to 0, then setting display to “none” . Finally the optional callback will be triggered after completion of animation.



[duration ] [easing] [callback] )

Ex : $(“#div”).fadeOut(“slow”);

Duration/speed It specifies the speed of the fadein. The valuse may be slow, fast and milliseconds. (default value: 400)
Easing It specifies the easing function to be used for transition (default value: swing).
CallbackA function to call once the animation is complete.

Example: Without Option(parameter)

From the below code, the “divFadeBox” been visible on the initial load. After clicking “divButton”  the click event been triggered and the fadeOut() will be executed on the “divFadeBox”. Finally “display:none” will be set to the matched element.


After clicking the “Click to fade Out boxes” button, then the blue box will be disappear as shown below.

dotnet-helpers-jquery-effects-fade-out-output-jqueryhelpers-1 dotnet-helpers-jquery-effects-fade-out-output-jqueryhelpers

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    The Js Helper supports the JavaScript libraries Prototype, jQuery and Mootools and provides methods for manipulating javascript.

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