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animation() Effect in Jquery


Jquery animation() method provide the custom animation with set of CSS properties.


.animate( properties

[duration ] [easing ] [complete ] )

.animate( properties, options )

Ex :

params params parameter defines the CSS properties to be animated.
Duration/speed  It specifies the speed of the fadein. The valuse may be slow, fast and milliseconds. (default value: 400). Duration are given in milliseconds and higher values indicate slower animations, not faster ones.
EasingIt specifies the easing function to be used for transition (default value: swing).
CallbackA function to call once the animation is complete.



On Click of “Click to start animation” button, the “divpanelBox” started to append (css stlyle) the new height & width for the same and started to increasing the size of the div as shown below.


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