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jQuery Effects

jQuery framework provide more flexible way to add more effects on a web page by using in-build methods. jQuery effects can be categorized in to following ways


Short Idea About Jquery Effects:

jQuery Effects provide large number of methods for developing rich web application. Let we discuss about jQuery effect below.

hide()hides the selected elements.
show()displays the selected elements.
toggle()shows or hides the matched elements.
fadein()Display the matched elements by fading them to opaque.
fadeout()Hide the matched elements by fading them to transparent.
fadeto()Adjust the opacity of the matched elements.
fadetoggle()shows/hides the selected element. ie., toggles between the fadeIn() and fadeOut().
slidedown()shows the matched elements with sliding motion.
slidetoggle()shows or hides the matched elements with slide. ie., it is used to toggle between the slideUp() and slideDown().
slideup()hides the matched elements with sliding motion.
animate()performs animation for the selected element.
clearQueue()It is used to remove all remaining queued functions from the selected elements.
delay()sets delay execution for all the queued functions on the selected elements.
dequeue()It is used to remove the next function from the queue, and then execute the function.
finish()It stops, removes and complete all queued animation for the selected elements.
queue()Show or manipulate the queue of functions to be executed on the matched elements.
stop()stops the animation on the selected elements.


Let us discuss more about effect one by one detailed way in up-coming posts.

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