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PowerShell – Replacement Operator

Replacement Operator

PowerShell provides several options to help you replace text in a string with other text. The -replace operator replaces all or part of a value with the specified value using regular expressions. It replaces every occurrence of the exact string you specify with the exact replacement string that you provide. The -replaceoperator provides much more flexibility because its arguments are regular expressions that can match and replace complex patterns.

Operators  Description
-replace replace a string pattern


<input> <operator> <original> <substitute>

The syntax of the -replace operator is as follows, where the <original> placeholder represents the characters to be replaced, and the <substitute> placeholder represents the characters that going to replace.



By default, the -replace operator is case-insensitive. To make it case sensitive, you need to introduce ‘c’ as prefix like  -creplace. To make it explicitly case-insensitive, you need to prefix ‘it’ like -ireplace.


Here the output will be same text beacuse we maked a replace operator as case sensitive, so ‘HI’ does’t macth with the string.


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