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Getting Help Information

The PowerShell includes detailed Help topics that explain PowerShell concepts. There are also Help topics for each cmdlet and provider and Help topics for many functions and scripts.

Getting Help for Cmdlets

To get Help about Windows PowerShell cmdlets, use the Get-Help cmdlet. Here let we see some of the cmdlets help.

To get a list of all the cmdlet Help topics in your session use below,


If we want to display one page of each Help topic at a time, then we need to use the help function or its alias man. For example, to display Help for the Get-ChildItem cmdlet, type

If we need to known about all content in the Help topic, below cmdlet will help us with help of FULL keyword

Getting Help About Providers

To get Help for a provider, type “Get-Help” followed by the provider name. For example, to get Help for the Registry provider, then type like below

To get all the list of provide use below

Getting Help About Functions and Scripts

We also use the help topics for many scripts and functions in Windows PowerShell. To display the Help for a function, type “get-help” followed by the function name.

Getting Help Online

If we want to find the help online through the powershell then its can be acheive by the below command.

For example, to get the online version of the Help topic about the Get-ChildItem cmdlet, type:+


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